My work explores structure, time, and entropy as they relate to personal narrative. These structures have incorporated intuitive processes that reflect my experiences playing with my kids. As a fairly new mom, I have watched my work develop from controlled and calculated to an increasingly intuitive and flexible set of parameters. I am relearning what it means to play, and remember shapes, forms, colors, etc. that I hadn’t considered since I was a child. Time, which we often consider as linear and meant to be spent has morphed into passages of rest and activity, fullness and chaos. The accumulation of additions to the grid structure that started as a sigh of parental exhaustion have revealed growth and movement that change how I think about my role as a parent and an artist.

Joanna received her MFA from the School for American Crafts at RIT and her BS from Roberts Wesleyan College. She currently an Assistant Professor of Art at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY.


Instagram @joannapoag